Alluvium General Call for Papers 2021

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We are delighted to share a call for submissions for Alluvium, a partner journal of the British Association of Contemporary Literary Studies. Alluvium is an open access journal featuring short essays of around 2000-3000 words on key issues and emerging trends in 21st century writing and criticism. The journal publishes six issues a year, employing a system of post-publication by the engaged commentariat on the message boards of the journal’s website, enabling vital current ideas to find a rapid readership.

The editorial board of Alluvium welcomes proposals for essays to be published in 2021. We plan three general issues and three special issues over the course of the year, with topics determined by our Editorial team. We seek both broad contributions, engaging with the definition of contemporary literature and criticism and its relationship with 21st century culture, society and politics, and more specific contributions on particular issues, themes or genres in contemporary literary production.

Possible topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • Literary responses to contemporary politics
  • Ecocriticism and climate crisis
  • Digital humanities
  • New perspectives on cultural and critical theory
  • Postcolonial literature
  • 21st-century genres
  • Historical fiction
  • Medical humanities
  • Dystopian / utopian visions
  • Pedagogical approaches to contemporary literary studies
  • 21st century literary prize culture
  • Literature and inequality
  • Literature and the contemporary arts

In the spirit of BACLS’ rolling definition of ‘the contemporary’, Alluvium assumes a fluid and hybrid understanding of the contemporary moment, rather than a given periodisation. We welcome proposals either for single articles or for series of two or three articles and we encourage the use of visual material.

If you are interested in contributing to Alluvium in 2021 please email an abstract (max 250 words) outlining your proposed article/s. We are particularly keen to include voices from a range of academic disciplines, alongside those of creative practitioners.

Please send abstracts and a short bio-note (including your name, email, and institutional affiliation) to Please also include an indication of when you plan to deliver this article during 2021. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact Alluvium managing editors Julia Ditter, Liam Harrison or Martin Goodhead.

We consider articles on a rolling basis and encourage Contributors to submit abstracts as soon as possible so that Issue Editors can make early scheduling decisions and work with writers to shape the piece. The next General Issue is scheduled for March 2021. Our intention is that all abstracts accepted up to the end of April will have a publication slot during 2021.

You can download a PDF of this Call for Papers here.

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